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What is malware development

It is the process of creating your own program which does whatever you need it to be done.

  • Inject code in existing process
  • ByPass detection during intrusion
  • Setup some persistance on the system
  • Escalate his privileges

Why learn it ?

In redteaming, malware development is a key assets.

Threat hunters have severals tools to detect standard offesnive tools. Malware development help to understand how standard tools works and how they can be upgraded to bypass detection tools.

What you will learn ?

  • Dropper for any payload (Meterpreter, Empire...)
  • Backdoor exisiting program
  • How to hide program against static and dynamic analysis
  • Inject payloads in another process

It a basic skills for developping more sphisticated malware you will have to create during redteam engagement.

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